15 Best Pop Design for Bedroom with Images Gallery

February 27, 2022

Mortar of Paris or POP is a speedy mortar that is blended in with water to make a plan as required and is let to dry. It is a short set shower in the realm of home stylistic layout. However it is for the most part used to plan bogus roofs in room, it tends to be utilized for a very long time choices – divider configuration pieces, highlight divider, or selective point by point boards. Yet, you should use the administrations of plan and stylistic layout experts assuming that you expect to utilize POP in your home.

So immediately gives profound jump access to different pop plan for room with fan and even without one’s.

Customized POP Ceiling Design

We start with the most basic design/use of POP i.e. the false ceiling for the bedroom. It not only hides the necessary work but also provides an impressive look to the roof. You can further use LED lights or experiment with various color textures. We are sure you must have noticed a similar design in Indian homes.

Central Pop Design

If you don’t want to consider the entire ceiling as your canvas, try creating a centerpiece like this one. Consider it as your POP chandelier! It can be as detailed and as big as you want. In the middle, you can fix up a light or even a fan whichever is convenient. 

Design with POP

If you think that only simple designs can be executed with POP, you are greatly mistaken. You can use POP for various design concepts. For example, in case if you are looking for an accent wall, refer to this wall design made by POP. White in contrast with grey wall color would lift the entire space.

Make Space for Extra Lightening

For an instant and easy makeover of the bedroom, the best idea is to invest in a false ceiling with adequate space for lighting too. It not only looks very modern but also is highly functional in terms of use. 

Color POP

Just because you are using POP, doesn’t mean it has to be always white! You always try a different palette of colors. Here the green plaster with a circle/swirl effect on the wall. You can try a pastel or neutral shade and another texture too.

The use of POP for your interior decor is the smartest choice you have made for your dream home. It looks simple, elegant, and yet unique also one of the economical design choices. Be it traditional or modern pop designs for bedroom with fan, it can be tailor made as per your choice and preferences. So feel free to experiment with plaster to create an impressive design for any of your living spaces.


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